World Water Day: Water Works positively impacts lives in rural Malawi

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21 March 2022

To celebrate World Water Day 2022, we share stories from those who have been positively impacted by a WASH project run by Water Works, in rural Malawi.

The charity Water Works has a Small Charities Challenge Fund grant to deliver a water and sanitation (WASH) project in Lilongwe, rural Malawi.

The project aims to reduce the prevalence of water, sanitation and hygiene-related disease in 20 rural communities, by increasing the access to improved water supply and hygienic sanitation.

Health surveillance assistants develop community action plans that focus on preventing open defecation, promoting hand washing, and protecting water resources. Communities have been shown how to construct a simple hand-washing facility with locally available materials, and how to protect and maintain their water source.

Before this water point was installed, we used to collect water from a distant village. I used to walk this distance every day before I go to school and most times I ended up reporting late for classes.

Now that Water works has Installed this water point right in my village, I no longer report late for classes, thanks to Water Works”. Tapiwa, 15.

Tapiwa is 15 years old and lives in Sambila village in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Until recently, Tapiwa used to walk 3km every morning before school, to queue and collect water from another village. This journey meant that Tapiwa was often late for her classes.

Supported by a Small Charities Challenge fund grant from UK Aid Direct, Water Works has been working in Malawi to reduce the prevalence of water, sanitation and hygiene-related disease in 20 rural communities.

As part of this project, Water Works has installed a water point in Tapiwa’s village. Tapiwa no longer has a long walk before her lessons each morning. She doesn’t have to queue for water, and she is always on time for school.

A group of people laugh and smile around a water pump as water sprays in the air around them
People celebrate at the water point in Mpombe, Malawi
A woman looks at the camera and smiles as she is bending over to wash her hands outside a small grass-roofed building in Malawi
A woman washes her hands after learning from Water Works’ WASH project in rural Malawi
A crowd of people sit on the floor outside with masks on, holding paperwork for hygiene training.
Hygiene training in Matapa, Malawi

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