Sierra Leone learning event and capacity building and monitoring visits

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16 December 2019

At the start of November we ran a learning event for UK Aid Direct and UK Aid Match grant holders in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The two-day event brought together a wide range of grant holders to discuss and share their experiences on a variety of subjects including: the importance of safeguarding, principles of monitoring and evaluation, beneficiary feedback mechanisms in practice, and communications.

Following the event, the MannionDaniels UK aid team and policy leads from the Department for International Development (DFID) carried out monitoring and capacity building visits to the grant holders and their downstream partners (where applicable).

This included a trip to meet Community Partnership grant holder, Wellfound (link to charity’s website). Wellfound is delivering WASH facilities to reduce mortality, increasing economic growth by creating market gardens to grow crops, and improving equality in rural Moyamba District, Sierra Leone.

A photograph taken in one of the villages visited, with women in their newly created market garden

We also visited Epilepsy Association in Freetown, Sierra Leone. They are downstream partners of our Small Charities Challenge Fund grant holder Medical Assistance Sierra Leone (MASL) (link to charity’s website). Their project looks at improving access to treatment and support for people with epilepsy in Sierra Leone.

Photograph taken of the programme manager for Epilepsy Association in their office in Sierra Leone

A further four projects were visited also:

  • Youth Development Movement (YDM), downstream partners to Transform Africa (link to charity’s website) (Community Partnership grant holders), and who are delivering a livelihoods programme to young people in the Palmronkoh Freetown Slum
  • Peace Child International (link to charity’s website) (Small Charities Challenge Fund grant holders) who are providing economic empowerment and entrepreneurial support to young women in the country
  • Movement for Assistance and Promotion of Rural Communities (link to charity’s website) (MAPCO), downstream partners to APT Action against Poverty (link to charity’s website) (Impact grant holders), who are working to provide livelihoods and food security for vulnerable people in Sierra Leone
  • Welbodi Partnership (link to charity’s website) (Community Partnership grant holders) who are delivering the Cradle Vital Signs Alert (CVSA), an accurate monitoring device which detects early signs of obstetric haemorrhage, sepsis and hypertension enabling live-saving intervention in maternal health.

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