Reflecting on the UK Aid Direct grant holders bringing positive change to vulnerable women and girls worldwide

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07 March 2022

International Women’s Day 2022

Held back by systemic and entrenched inequality and discrimination, the effects of gender inequality for women are widespread.

This International Women’s Day we have created a photo-led web page.

Take a look to find out

  • How grant holders and their partners are working with boys and men, community leaders, teachers and parents to challenge and raise awareness and
  • What soft and hard skills women are being taught (as well as the different approaches being used) to encourage and enable their empowerment.
Women sit together at desks to participate in a discussion around domestic violence in Tororo, Uganda
Photo credit: Jo Cox Memorial Grant holders, Promote Mifumi Project and Oyo Paul Mileke. MIFUMI Movement Builders (old staff and new recruits) participate in an invigorating discussion on domestic violence in Tororo, Uganda in February.

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