Recording of Jo Cox Memorial Grants panel discussion & transcript available online

UK Aid Direct hosted a panel discussion on the Jo Cox Memorial grants on Tuesday 27 March.

To listen to the full recording of the discussion, visit the UK Aid Direct YouTube channel (opens in a new window): and to download the transcript, click here and select ‘Presentations’.

Focusing on theme 1 – the social, economic and political empowerment of women – representatives of 180 organisations signed in to listen to the discussion which was designed to:

  • debate the key challenges and opportunities that the Jo Cox Memorial grants could try to tackle;
  • to help inform detailed guidance that would be made available to all applicants of the Jo Cox Memorial grants on the UK Aid Direct website

Excerpts from the discussion include:

“I think we can take real pride and encouragement from the work of women’s rights organisations on the ground…” – Theo Sowa – CEO, African Women’s Development Fund (opens in a new window):

“…It does not matter if they’re in the City of London or in a village somewhere in Kenya or a slum in another city… the biggest barrier is the lack of equality of women and men…” – Musimbi Kanyoro – President and CEO, Global Fund for Women (opens in a new window): 

“…I think in terms of the closing civic space for women’s organisations and how they are coping with it, language is important. So, they are modifying the language they are using…” – Dr Narmeen Hamid – Strategic Advisor, AmplifyChange (opens in a new window):

“…Progress on gender priority has actually gone into reverse. That means some of the global rights that women and girls are facing have actually got worse, which I think really challenges most of our assumption that we are on a slow but sure improvement, globally. I think that was a wake up call for a lot of people…” – Jo Cooke – DFID’s Gender Equality team

The panel discussion was moderated by Ben Latto, Head of DFID’s Civil Society Team.

Please note: the funding round is currently open and the closing date for submitting concept notes (if applying for a Network grant), or full applications (if applying for a Strengthening grant), is Wednesday 13 June 2018 at 17:00 (GMT).