COVID-19 Rapid Response: Leprosy Mission, Nepal

Categories: COVID-19 pandemic, Funding rounds, Project impact
03 September 2021

Watch this video:

We asked organisations who had received a COVID-19 Rapid Response grant from UK Aid Direct to create a short video covering their activities and what they achieved with their extra funding.

Here is the first in our series of videos: video from Leprosy Mission of England and Wales in Nepal.

A man greeting the camera with "Namaste"
A still image from the video created by Rapid Response grant holders, Leprosy Mission, Nepal

“We trained our staff about COVID, the inpatient care and we have also set up ventilators, respirators and enough PPE for our staff. Without this equipment we were unable to function at the hospital.”

A patient and medical professional in the hospital
A still from the video from Leprosy Mission, Nepal

Watch the full video from Leprosy Mission, Nepal (opens in a new tab).

See an infographic summing up the achievements of Rapid Response grant holders, three months into their six-month funding. Read the infographic article.