November 2016 funding round

Categories: Funding rounds
22 May 2017

This particular funding round had a very broad focus.

Applicants were asked to consider:

  • how they would address the Global Goals
  • how they would respond to DFID’s strategic priorities
  • how their proposals would contribute towards the goals of UK Aid Direct

Proposals addressing the following issues were particularly encouraged:

  • family planning
  • nutrition
  • ending modern slavery

Applicants could be apply for 2 different types of grants:

  • Community partnership grants, aimed at UK organisations with a turnover over under £1 million, for grants of up to £250,000
  • Impact grants, aimed at organisations implementing in countries DFID consider to be of high or moderate fragility or in one of the lowest 50 HDI countries. These organisations have to have a turnover of under £10 million and grants were available for up to £4 million

The funding round process for this round is a 2-stage process.

A total of 591 concept notes were received for both grant types.

Of those, 122 were shortlisted and invited to submit a full application.

An independent review of those shortlisted full applications is currently taking place.

Read PDF of general feedback provided by the UK Aid Direct technical team and reviewers, for the concept note stage of applications (link opens to PDF, 681KB).