New podcast episode with Hello World on the power of tech to connect remote communities

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03 May 2022

A new episode of The Learning Post is now available featuring Small Charities Challenge Fund grant holder, Hello World.

Hello World’s Nepal Team Lead, Melina helps young children to use the tablets in one of the Hello World Hubs

In this episode, Gem Clark, Senior Performance and Risk Manager for UK Aid Direct talks to Hello World‘s COO Angharad Jones, and Founder and CEO, Katrin McMillan. They discuss the setup of the Hubs, how important it is to develop projects where the whole community is at the heart of it, and explore how through educational technology, they are bridging the digital divide.

Extracts from this episode

Angharad Jones on working with the communities:

“Hello World is designed and it’s built for the community. This is their Hub and it has to work for them, so that means that we have to involve them at every stage of the process… If we wanted to actually just build the Hub with our engineers in our team, it would be very quick. I think it would probably take one to two days, but during the build, it takes longer as our engineering team takes the time to build with the community and training them in the process…”

Katrin McMillan on their work to close the global digital divide:

“If it’s not possible to reach every children with schools and teachers, then we must find a solution that’s affordable and scalable to stop the gap. And that’s what we set out to do…”

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Young woman starnds outside a Hello Hub in Nepal
A young woman stands outside a Hello Hub in Nepal

Photo credits: Johnny Fenn