New podcast episode on safeguarding

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23 March 2022

A new episode of The Learning Post is now available focusing on safeguarding.

In this episode, Laura Spilsbury, Operations Manager and Safeguarding Lead for UK Aid Direct and UK Aid Match, discusses key learnings and good examples of safeguarding practice from across the funds portfolio.

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Extracts from podcast

Laura Spilsbury on Safeguarding: top tips and best practice:

“It’s important to recognise here that safeguarding is a Western term, a Western concept, so grant holders need to think about how you translate this in a meaningful way.”

“Grant holders should be creating a culture within their organisation, which champions safeguarding, ensures it’s at the forefront of staff and stakeholders’ minds, and that individuals, feel comfortable raising concerns, knowing that it will be dealt with in an appropriate manner. They’re the things that we are expecting from grant holders.”

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