New podcast episode on sustainable wealth creation

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13 April 2022

A new episode of The Learning Post is now available focusing on how to tailor project interventions to a target community.

This is the fourth episode in a series focused entirely on sustainable wealth creation projects and how to overcome some of the common challenges they present. We are joined by Rick Magill, an expert in this field, who provides some of his insights and experience.

In this episode, Rick discusses identifying how much money is needed to ensure a new occupation is viable and how to choose the right job that will successfully embed in the target community.

Extracts from podcast

Rick Magill on sustainable wealth creation projects:

“I think it’s really critical to understand the scale of the financial challenge from the outset. So what is the financial gap that these people, families, or communities need to close? And that’s the difference between what they earn today and how much they would need to earn in order to get by and meet their needs and hopefully have a little leftover to save or invest for the future.”

“Projects typically fall into two categories when it comes to employment. It’s either trying to help people into self-employment, where they run their own business, or to help them into paid employment where they work for a local organisation. But either way, it’s very important to check that the numbers are doable and that there are enough real opportunities for those types of jobs, for the types of people involved in those communities.”

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