New podcast episode on messaging and publicity: easy wins for smaller organisations

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10 January 2022

Background to podcast

Communications plays a valuable role in demonstrating the value of international development to the wider public.

In this communications podcast, we spoke with Laura Else, Communications Specialist for UK Aid Direct, to find out how opportunities to contribute to the broader narrative on this area are sometimes missed and importantly, how charities can seek to address this. We also learn of some easy steps to take when seeking publicity with local media.

Extracts from podcast

Laura on growing an audience and contributing to the broader narrative:
“We believe that talking about their (charity’s) projects, or their organisation’s other projects and work to existing audiences, is all well and good, but to continue to grow an audience, to continue to engage and broaden an organisation’s reach and convert interest into donations or support, charities do need to go a step further. They should be proactively looking for ways to promote a positive dialogue about international development and this is achieved through creative, positive, and solutions-focused messaging…”

On securing coverage in local newspapers:
“(Charities) should certainly be sending out press releases or news stories to their local newspapers – not just once but planning and distributing at least two stories a year. This might initially be about a project starting and then an impact one perhaps, a few months down the line, demonstrating progress, partnership, shared values and independence (the four key themes mentioned previously)…”

Listen to the podcast in full or find and subscribe to the podcast on its dedicated page, on Spotify, Amazon Music or Stitcher. Other episodes available include the critical role of men in women’s empowerment projects, effective interventions during education projects, which factors had the biggest impact on effective COVID-19 adaptations, and information around a new framework on women’s empowerment.

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