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04 February 2020

We are pleased to be able to confirm the names of the charities and not-for-profit organisations recently awarded UK Aid Direct Impact and Community Partnership grants.

Impact grants are from between £250,001 and £4 million for non-government organisations (NGOs) registered in the UK, in one of the lowest 50 countries in the United Nations Human Development Index (UN HDI) or in a country that the UK’s Department for International Development Index (DFID) considers to be of high or moderate fragility. The organisations must have an average income of less than £10 million and nine organisations in this group were awarded Impact grants.

Community Partnership grants are for up to £250,000 for small, not-for-profit organisations registered in the UK, or in one of the lowest 50 countries in the UN HDI or in a country DFID considers to be of high or moderate fragility. Applicants must have an average income of less than £1 million per annum and two organisations in this group were awarded Community Partnership grants: Survivors Fund (SURF) and Welbodi Partnership.

The projects will be implemented in thirteen countries and a full grant holder list can be viewed below, organised by project focus area.

A smiling group of adults sit in a classroom
Beneficiaries of UK Aid Direct funded project being delivered by Ethical Trading Initiatives


Organisation name: Children in Crossfire

Project title: Watoto Wetu, Tunu Yetu (translates as Our Children, Our Treasures): aiming to improve early learning for three to five-year olds’ in Dodoma, Tanzania

About the project: This project’s objective is to improve the access and quality of early childhood development support for three to five-year olds’ in Dodoma, Tanzania. The organisation’s proven (and government endorsed) pre-primary education model, will be cascaded to schools in Chamwino and Kongwa districts and through local government to all children in the region.

Organisation name: East African Playgrounds

Project title: Playgrounds: a tool to increase access to early childhood development (ECD) education in Uganda’s refugee settlements

About the project: In a refugee-hosting area of Uganda, community-designed playgrounds will be installed, and teachers and parents trained in the importance of play. This will improve the quality of ECD provision for enrolled children, and enrolment is expected to increase.


Organisation name: Minority Rights Group International

Project title: Enhancing quality and universal access to indigenous people’s reproductive healthcare (EQUIP)
Countries of implementation: Cambodia, Myanmar, Ethiopia and Kenya

About the project: This project is designed to benefit marginalised, ethnic minority (EM) and / or indigenous (IP) women and girls in Myanmar, Cambodia, Ethiopia and Kenya. This vulnerable group will be given access to – and be able to utilise – sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services that better meet their needs. Women will also be given the capacity to carry out research and advocacy on sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) services and ultimately benefit from access to improved services in target areas.

Organisation name: Welbodi Partnership

Project title: Sierra Leone roll out of CRADLE Vital Signs Alert (VSA)
Country of implementation: Sierra Leone

Obstetric haemorrhage, sepsis and hypertension cause over 50% of global maternal deaths. Early detection, enabling life-saving interventions, relies on vital signs. Welbodi will deliver the CRADLE VSA, a simple, accurate monitoring device, with a traffic-light early warning system, alongside the CVSA training package, to all health facilities in Sierra Leone over 18 months.


Organisation name: BRAC UK

Project title: Poverty shift: partnerships for disability inclusive ultra-poor graduation
Country of implementation: Uganda

BRAC UK’s new project aims to increase the socio-economic empowerment and resilience of ultra-poor households in Western and Northern Uganda, with a disability-inclusive ‘graduation approach’ project. This will be achieved through a combination of livelihoods, social protection, financial inclusion and social empowerment interventions.

Organisation name: Centre for Emergency and Development Support (CEDS)

Project title: Enhancing livelihoods resilience for households in Aweil East and Aweil Centre counties, South Sudan

This project aims to improve the livelihoods and health of vulnerable men, women and children in farmer groups in Aweil East and Centre in South Sudan. The groups will be supported with the provision of donkeys and trained on good farming techniques, post-harvest practices and donkey health management to enhance their harvests. They will also be linked to markets to enhance sales, and support with the organisation of village savings and loans associations to encourage saving.

Organisation name: Feed the Minds

Project title: Increased food security and income among vulnerable farmers in Mvolo County, South Sudan

This project will support a transition from subsistence farming and aid dependency, to sustainable livelihoods and development by building the capacity of rural farmers in villages in Mvolo County, South Sudan. It will also promote a peaceful co-existence among community stakeholders.

Organisation name: The Leprosy Mission England and Wales

Project title: FOUND – Fuelling Opportunities to end unemployment for Nepalis with disabilities
Country of implementation: Nepal

FOUND will support unemployed skilled people with disabilities, from economic hub districts in Nepal, to find and thrive in formal or self-employment. Business owners and employers will be approached to improve their knowledge, confidence, skills and attitudes so they understand the abilities of people with disabilities. For people with disabilities it will improve employability skills and self-confidence, pilot inclusive job search and hiring practices, and collate evidence of what works.

Organisation name: Survivors Fund (SURF)

Project title: Empowering vulnerable genocide widows in Western Rwanda to alleviate extreme poverty (EVWEP)

This project aims to empower vulnerable genocide widows and their dependants in Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts of Rwanda’s Western Province. Through skills development, access to resources, and empowerment, they will be supported to generate their own income and take greater control of their lives.

Women’s empowerment

Organisation name: Ethical Trading Initiative

Project title: Increasing female voices within the readymade garment sector in Bangladesh and Pakistan through social dialogue

Through this project, workers in factories in Bangladesh and Pakistan will be supported to enjoy safer working environments, their rights will be respected, issues will be resolved more efficiently, and factory managers will safeguard workers’ rights. The national Ethical platforms (ETPs) aim to scale-up this benefit to support more workers nationally and internationally.

Organisation name: Women for Women International

Project title: Empowering marginalised Nigerian women through livelihood opportunities and improved participation
Country of implementation: Nigeria

The change sought by this project is that marginalised women in Bauchi state in Nigeria, will have improved livelihoods and increased participation and leadership roles in the local community. This will be achieved by raising the individual economic and social capabilities of marginalised Nigerian women while tackling gender norms via alliances with male leaders and community members.

For further information about UK Aid Direct and the projects supported, visit our homepage.

Four young boys sit around a bench made of painted car tyres and play a game together.
Beneficiaries of new UK Aid Direct funded project being delivered by East African Playgrounds