Legs4Africa supports first Gambian Amputee Football Team

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16 February 2022

Small Charities Challenge Fund grant holder, Legs4Africa, supported the first Gambian Amputee Football Team to compete internationally in the Cup of African Nations Amputee Football (CANAF) Competition 2021.

The Gambia Amputee Football team outside posing for a photo.
The Gambia Amputee Football Team

In late November last year, the team took part in their debut Cup of African Nations Amputee Football (CANAF) tournament in Tanzania – finishing ninth. The tournament, governed by World Amputee Football Federation (WAFF), hosts football for amputees and people with limb defects, giving African people with limb differences the opportunity to compete in a cup alongside the Africa Cup of Nations.

To get them to the tournament, the team received support both internationally and nationally, and the Legs4Africa team provided some of the technical and management support (alongside others) to the team as part of its Small Charities Challenge Fund project in the country.

Legs4Africa recycles prosthetic legs that would otherwise end up in landfill and facilitates support groups so amputees in sub-Saharan Africa can live more independent, fulfilled lives.

The organisation has been awarded two Small Charities Challenge Fund grants to deliver amputee support projects in both Gambia and Ghana. The two-year funded project in Gambia has now completed and the amputee empowerment project in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana will complete in August this year.

Person on crutches with an amputated leg controlling the ball in game.

To find out more about Legs4Africa, visit legs4africa.org.

Follow the progress of the Gambia Amputee Football Team on their Facebook page.

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