Launch of new framework on women’s empowerment from UK Aid Direct

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06 August 2021

Jo Cox Memorial Grant holders support development of empowerment framework

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new framework on women’s empowerment, created to support civil society organisations (CSOs) with practical examples of empowerment and the elements to consider when designing and implementing a project with this focus.

Developed from interactions our team have had with CSOs working with the support of a Jo Cox Memorial Grant, the paper is now available to download from the UK Aid Direct learning pages.

Background to resource

Women’s empowerment is the focus for *eight organisations supported with Jo Cox Memorial Network grants – grants of up to £1 million for medium-sized organisations – and six organisations with Jo Cox Memorial Strengthening grants – grants for up to £100,000 for small organisations.

Over the last few months, UK Aid Direct’s technical team have held a series of virtual, group discussions with these grant holders, providing an invaluable opportunity for the team to delve deeper into some of their learnings and really consider what women’s empowerment looks and feels like for them. One-to-one conversations have also provided important insights, helping to flesh out the framework and ultimately consider how empowerment may be achieved.

To accompany the framework is a podcast episode to listen to (opens in a new window), featuring Alethea Osborne, Technical Specialist for MannionDaniels (opens in a new window) on Gender and Social Development, as well as a series of infographics.

Su Moore, CEO for The Jo Cox Foundation said:

“We’re delighted that recipients of the Jo Cox Memorial Grants have collaborated to inform this new women’s empowerment framework. The accomplishments of all of the grant holders are inspiring, but that the grantees have been able to share their learnings, and for that to inform a framework which will inspire, educate and support other projects around the world is a truly fantastic outcome. Jo Cox was a life-long humanitarian, with a passion for women’s empowerment, so this work is a particularly fitting legacy for her.”

We really welcome your thoughts on the findings. If you would like to share any observations, please do tag UK Aid Direct on social media or email

*The names of the organisations involved can be found in the framework paper.

Background to The Jo Cox Memorial Grants

In March 2018, the former Department for International Development, now the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, paid tribute to murdered MP Jo Cox and launched the Jo Cox Memorial Grants in her name.

These grants were to come from a one-off, £10 million pot within UK Aid Direct, for projects working on two themes close to Jo’s heart: preventing identity-based violence and conflict prevention, as well as women’s empowerment.

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