Guidance for new UK Aid Direct funding round

Categories: Application guidance, Funding rounds
18 February 2019

A new  UK Aid Direct funding round was announced on the website on 18 January with both Community Partnership and Impact grant opportunities. The guidance has now been updated on our website and can be found in the links above.

A webinar providing additional guidance will be held on Tuesday 26 February and registration (opens link in new window) is required in advance. Existing grant holders Send a Cow (link to charity’s website, opens in a new window) and AbleChildAfrica (link to charity’s website, opens in a new window) will be joining Fund Director Karen Stephenson to share their experiences of submitting an application.  A recording of the webinar will be available to download after the event.

The application portal will open on Monday 4 March and the deadline for submissions will be Wednesday 17 April.

Do refer to the guidance and FAQs for each grant type if you have any queries or contact

A leaflet can be downloaded (link to PDF, 593KB) from this website also.