Applicants of funding round notified

Categories: Funding announcements
06 February 2020

All applicants of the most recent funding round for Impact and Community Partnership grants (which closed on 22 August 2019) should have now received notification of the outcome of their full applications. Do contact the Fund Management team by email if not.

For all successful applicants, the next step is a due diligence review of your organisation’s policies and procedures. A representative of our Fiduciary Risk Management team will be in touch to discuss the process and timings of the due diligence review. Full details of the requirements will be provided.

For all unsuccessful applicants this time, we will be sharing specific feedback on your application. We hope you will find this useful and can consider it when making future applications.

We really appreciate the effort and thought that goes into preparing an application and thank you for taking the time to submit your application.

For all future funding round opportunities, we will post on this website and recommend signing up to the UK Aid Direct Twitter (opens in a new window) and Facebook (opens in a new window) channels and subscribing to receive emails from UK aid.