Improving maternal health in two districts of Uttar Pradesh, India

Impact Grant - Improving maternal health in two districts of Uttar Pradesh, IndiaThe project aims to achieve improved maternal and child health outcomes for 37,280 women by focusing on those from marginalised communities. Women are given knowledge on maternal and child health needs through sessions aimed at not only changing their health seeking behaviour, but that also link them to the Government of India’s livelihood flagship programme, MGNREGA, which helps them develop skills to increase their income.

In the process, the project has successfully mobilised and oriented government frontline health and livelihood staff, which will further sustain the process of knowledge transfer among marginalised communities and increase mobilisation towards better uptake of social welfare schemes.

Strengthened community dialogue, institution building and ownership of the planning process, coupled with transparent mechanisms for beneficiaries to feed back into the planning, have meant that the wishes of the community are reflected in government plans.