The profile of a Small Charities Challenge Fund grant holder

Thinking about applying for a Small Charities Challenge Fund (SCCF) grant? Here are some facts for you to consider.

About the Small Charities Challenge Fund 

  • SCCF was launched on 5 July 2017 and since that time *301 eligible applications have been submitted in total.
  • In the first round, 16 applications successfully secured SCCF funding. Further grant will be announced in due course.
  • The third round shortlist is being finalised and the fourth closed to applications at 17:00 (GMT) on Thursday 28 March 2019.

SCCF first round grant holders

  • The first round of SCCF had a success rate of 16%.
  • 95% of applicants have not received UK Aid Direct funding before.
  • Successful organisations are based across the UK, with 75% outside London and the South East.
  • Projects cover a range of policy areas including disability inclusion, education and livelihoods, and operate in 9 countries.
  • The average income of the current 16 SCCF grant holders to date is £66,000.

The Funding Process

  • SCCF is an open funding round with applications reviewed every six months.
  • Feedback is provided to all unsuccessful SCCF applicants. Many organisations who apply for SCCF unsuccessfully, re-apply for a grant in the next round
  • After the closing date, applications are scored and reviewed, and due diligence is conducted on the shortlisted organisations
  • SCCF due diligence is light-touch, involving self-assessment questionnaires and a telephone-based assessment. Site visits may also be carried out
  • SCCF operates a payment-in-advance system for successful grant holders.
  • All grant holders are required to provide annual, certified financial statements. Full, external audited accounts are not required

*All data taken from 20 November 2018


We’re often asked by applicants what makes a good SCCF application. There’s no single answer to this, but we have produced a document which shares examples of high quality answers to several questions in the application form. These answers are intended as a guide only. They have been taken, with permission from an application submitted by new SCCF grant holder Carers Worldwide.