Small Charities Challenge Fund grants

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by “longer term” impacts of COVID-19?’

COVID-19 will have impacts over and above the above the immediate consequences of the pandemic. These impacts are caused by measures taken to contain and control the virus. In the longer term, these impacts may affect the quality of the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalised, more than COVID-19 itself.

The long-term impacts of the virus will be experienced across many sectors and any interventions that contribute towards the achievement of the Global Goals should be considering how these impacts can be addressed in the project design.

We anticipate that potential longer-term impacts could relate to the full range of Global Goals, including impacts on the most vulnerable and marginalised, delays to education outcomes and access to basic services. 

Applications, for example therefore, for projects focused on education interventions that support the safe reopening of schools and the development of catch-up, or condensed curricula to achieve learning outcomes, could be considered. Interventions could focus on community mobilisation for (re)enrolment of children into schools (or non-formal programmes), or supporting schools to implement guidelines and regulations to prevent future outbreaks and providing mental health and psychosocial support.

How should we address COVID-19 issues in our applications?

Applicants are expected to outline the anticipated impact and consequences of COVID-19 throughout their applications. Consider the current context in the proposed country of implementation, highlight the challenges and how you plan to address them throughout each element of your application.

The context is continuously changing and evolving, how do we account for this in the application?

We appreciate that the context may be significantly different between now and when projects are planned to start and ask that applicants outline the anticipated consequences of COVID-19 when providing the rationale for the proposed interventions.

We will work with successful applicants during the grant set-up process to review the project design and agree appropriate adaptations that reflect the change in context.

Is COVID-19 having an impact on the amount of funding available?

There has been no impact on the amount of funding available.

Will grants with a strong COVID-19 focus be prioritised?

Yes. After each review date, all Small Charities Challenge Fund (SCCF) applications are assessed by an independent review panel. The results are subsequently then moderated by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).

The moderation panel always considers the technical quality of application, the diversity of organisations able to access FCDO funding, and market share. As well as the financial capacity of an organisation to manage the size of the grant applied for.

For this funding round, the panel will also consider how well proposals address the anticipated impacts of COVID-19.

Note: The Small Charities Challenge Fund (SCCF) project grants launched in July 2017 and closed on 25 March 2021.