Completing a concept note

Eligible concept notes will be assessed in relation to the following criteria:

Project relevance

A concept note must demonstrate:

  • clear analysis of the project context and justification for the project
  • clear outline of proposed changes the project will make
  • clear description of the way the project will engage with the target population
  • how the project will link with and work towards the UK Aid Direct priorities, the UK Aid Direct Theory of Change and the Global Goals

Organisational capacity

A concept note must demonstrate that:

Sustainability and costs

A concept note must demonstrate that:

  • the project will have a sustainable impact
  • the  intended costs are realistic

Risks and mitigation

A concept note must demonstrate that:

  • the  organisation demonstrates a clear understanding of the key risks with realistic supporting mitigating strategies

The following documents will need to be uploaded with the concept note:

  • project Theory of Change
  • Annual Audited Accounts for the last 3 years
  • Draft project budget

Please note: there is no limit to the number of concept notes that one organisation, consortium or family of organisations can submit during one funding round.

However, the maximum combined grant model allowance is 5 live UK Aid Direct grants of different types.

A live grant is a project with more than 9 months left to run from the start date of the UK Aid Direct call for proposals.