Application support

To support applicants in applying for a UK Aid Direct grant, we have compiled some guidance documents which you may find helpful.

On our general guidance page you will find the following:

  • financial guidelines – 1) Principles of reporting 2) Budget classification and budgeting 3) Exchange rates 4) Due diligence requirements
  • further printable guidance – 1) a Theory of Change 2) Using and designing a logframe 3) Value for Money 4) Beneficiary feedback 5) What do we mean by ‘sustainability?’ 6) What do we mean by gender? 7) Defining marginalised
  • presentations – 1) How to measure disability 2) Workplan and budget tool guidance 3) General funding round webinar 16 March 2017 4) Financial webinar 5) Q and A webinar

On our Small Charities Challenge Fund guidance page you will find the following documents which we believe will be useful for applicants of this fund specifically:

  • financial guidelines – a) Principles of reporting b) Budget classification and budgeting c) Exchange rates d) Due diligence requirements

  • application guidelines - a) Results framework guidance b) Results framework template c) Budget and workplan template
  • further printable guidance – a) Value for money b) Beneficiary feedback c) What do we mean by ‘sustainability?’ d) What do we mean by gender? e) Defining marginalised f) Top tips for applicants g) What does have a DFID grant entail?

  • presentation – 1) How to measure disability 2) General guidance in webinar 20 July 2017 3) Financial information in webinar 20 July 2017