Applying for a Small Charities Challenge Fund grant (SCCF)

Here are some guidance tools aimed at assisting civil society organisations to develop strong applications for the Small Charities Challenge Fund grant (SCCF).


1. Financial Guidelines

  • a) Principles of reporting

    This document presents the basic guidelines for financial reporting covering DFID’s UK Aid Direct.

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  • b) Budget classification and budgeting

    This section of the guidance covers the classification system of UK Aid Direct budgets, and the methodologies used in calculating the expenditure of grants.

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  • c) Exchange rates

    This document presents operational guidelines on the treatment of foreign currency denominated transactions and appropriate methodologies for the budgeting, recording, and management of exchange rate fluctuations.

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  • d) Due diligence requirements

    This document informs applicants about due diligence and how the process will be conducted.

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2. Application Guidance

  • a) Results framework guidance

    This guidance for a Small Charities Challenge Fund aims

    • to increase applicants understanding of their programme’s goals and objectives
    • to define the relationships between the factors that are key to implementation
    • to articulate the internal and external elements that could affect their programme’s success
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  • b) Results framework template

    This template should be used to record:

    • outcome indicators
    • output activities
    • milestones
    • means of verification
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  • c) Budget and workplan template
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3. Further Printable Guidance

  • a) Value for money

    This guide presents a comprehensive value for money strategy and answers some key value for money questions.

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  • b) Beneficiary feedback

    This document explains what we mean by using a beneficiary feedback mechanism, why use one, and what needs to be done to ensure beneficiary feedback mechanisms are effective.

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  • c) What do we mean by 'sustainability'?

    This document explores exactly what sustainability means, and how to achieve it with your project.

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  • d) What do we mean by gender?

    This guidance seeks to ensure that UK Aid Direct applicants and grant holders understand what DFID means by gender and gender mainstreaming.

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  • e) Defining 'marginalised'

    This guidance seeks to explore the term ‘marginalised’, what it means for projects, and to explain DFID’s pledge to leave no one behind.

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  • f) Top tips for applicants

    This guidance is designed specifically with small organisations in mind and provides top tips for applicants regarding prospective project designs, results, and finance in particular.

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  • g) What does having a DFID grant entail?

    This guidance is designed to outline the processes we recommend you have in place, in order to be able to fully manage a DFID grant.

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4. Presentations

  • a) How to measure disability

    This is the first publication in the User Guide series, a learning resource compiled in collaboration with the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Washington Group.

    The User Guide is a narrated video on the UK Aid Direct Youtube channel, which provides information and advice on how groups can improve reporting on disability.

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  • b) General guidance - webinar 20 July 2017

    This is a copy of a presentation given by members of UK Aid Direct Team on 20 July 2017 for the Small Charities Challenge Fund launched on 5 July. Watch the webinar.

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  • c) Financial guidance - webinar 20 July 2017

    This is a copy of a financial presentation given by members of UK Aid Direct Team on 20 July 2017 to potential applicants of the new challenge fund. Watch the full webinar.

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